Thursday, January 17, 2008

Coexistence VI - Professional Creationists

Terrific editorial, "When science and faith find common ground", by Steven Andrew mulls over what a waste of time and resources this entire debate is. His focus is Texas, a place I have blogged repeatedly about and I like his lead point "Instead of arguing about fossils, radiometric dating methods or constitutional law, I'd ask those skeptical of evolution what better natural evidence for the brilliance of a Creator could there be than myriad complex processes unfolding over billions of years through countless steps in exquisite order spanning the entire cosmos?" I certainly cannot, not would I think of arguing that!

When a scientist says that "The more they learn, the deeper their faith!" this is what they mean! How can one question the existence of God when faced with the wonders of science! Science can show it, explain it, even learn the details of exactly what it is, but the wonder is something that only be explained by faith!

I also liked one of his closing points "The Roman Catholic Church accepts the age of the universe and the validity of evolution. Similar statements have been made by the United Methodist Church, the American Jewish Congress, the United Presbyterian Church, and many others. Most importantly, these Christians find enormous inspiration for their beliefs in the mysteries science reveals and resolves." The Intelligent Design/Creationism movement is not a wide-held Christian belief, but one held by a small vocal minority with a marketing machine packed with "professional creationists." I Love that term! That's exactly what the Discovery Institute is, professional creationists! It's their job to push their agenda on other unsuspecting Christians. It's their job to lie and mislead people. It's their job to run away when the court case turns against them. Not overly professional, but that's them! Mr. Andrew hit the nail square on that one.

His closing comment is downright poetic: "But despite what creationists may say, the choice is not between science and religion, or belief vs. atheism. If faith is an integral part of one's life and science is an interest, the question of how the Creator went about Creating is worth contemplating. And for the faithful who carefully and honestly study the fascinating bounty of scientific evidence, there can be only one liberating conclusion: God is one hell of a scientist, and He's not exactly a bad engineer either."

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