Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Reclaiming the Rainbow -- yes, it's as Stupid as it Sounds

Little kennie ham wants to reclaim the rainbow, his target is -- of course -- the LGBT community who use the rainbow to symbolize things that apparently kennie finds abhorrent -- you know things like peace and diversity.

Since the 1970's the Rainbow Flag has been used by the LGBT community as:
"The rainbow flag, commonly known as the gay pride flag or LGBT pride flag, is a symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) pride and LGBT social movements. Other uses of rainbow flags include a symbol of peace and the colors reflect the diversity of the LGBT community, as the flag is often used as a symbol of gay pride during LGBT rights marches. While it originated in Northern California, the flag is now used worldwide." (Wikipedia:
Rainbow flag (LGBT movement))
So, for over 40 years this symbol has just recently become a target for little kennie. Why is that?  I don't think it really has anything to do with the Bible, kennie is just using that as an excuse.  Little kennie is extremely Homophobic, and using the Bible in just this way rationalizes yet another attack on people who are different than little kennie and his Hamians.

Why do I think that?  Several reasons.  The first is that the LGBT community has been using the Rainbow Flag since the late 70's.  In other words it's been going on for 40 years and just recently little kennie played the rainbow card.  That tells me he really doesn't care about the Bible of the Rainbow, just looking for another way to attack people he doesn't like.

You see, kennie needs gay people.  Sounds strange, but think it through.  Little small-minded kennie need targets to rally his supporters against.  If he didn't have gay people, he would find another target.  Without groups to point to and try and proclaim some sort of superiority, kennie would have nothing!  His preaching doesn't encourage acceptance, diversity, or peace -- you know those Christian ideals.  His preaching wants and needs distrust and hatred to flourish, so he can continue his style of preaching and making a substantial living.  He tells people who to be afraid of, who to denigrate, and who to fight . . . that's his whole message.  He uses the Bible as a tool, not of enlightenment, but of segregation.  He's latest tool is the rainbow, that beautiful formation of nature.

Another reason kennie is just using the rainbow as another tool is ask yourself just how many times has kennie whined about the rainbow being used to support many other things, not related to anyone'e religious beliefs?  How about 'never!'  Things like leprechauns and breakfast cereal, candy, cartoon figures, a rock band, Christmas decorations, and politicians have used, or are using, the rainbow as a symbol.

Lucky Charms, Skittles, and Rainbow Brite are some examples.  There's a rock band called 'Rainbow', and Kermit the Frog sang about the Rainbow Connection'.  And, to really piss off kennie, a Rainbow Wreath for Christmas.  Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela referred to post-apartheid South Africa as the 'Rainbow Nation'.  Many political initiatives that span political parties are referred to as 'Rainbow Initiatives'.  If he was really interested in 'reclaiming the rainbow' his rant and rave wouldn't be targeting only one group who use the rainbow as a symbol, but all of them.

Yes, homophobic kennie . . . and don't let him tell you he loves gay people . . . he's as homophobic as $3.00 bill is counterfeit.  He compares homosexuality to other behaviors he considers a sin and tells you to love the sinner, but do not accept sinful behavior.  In other words as long as gay people don't act on their being gay, it's OK for them to be members of the church and  . . . I guess . . . be employed at one of his ministries.  I do have to wonder how many closets in kennie's little corner of Kentucky are hiding gay people who are too afraid to come out?  Probably more than kennie will ever admit to having.

There is a couple of final problems with little kennie's argument.  Take anything that is used as a symbol . . . can you find one instance where it can only be used for just one thing?  Little kennie can keep calling the rainbow as having religious significance, but kennie doesn't have the right to prevent any other group from also using it as a symbol for themselves?

In closing, I have to say it is the height of hubris to try and lay some sort of ownership claim to a rainbow.  Rainbow's existed well before kennie's little stories were written and will continue to exist even after little kennie's version of a religion is relegated to the history books.  That's one thing we can all hope for, little kennie's incredible narrow and hate-filled point of view being relegated to the history books.

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