Monday, December 5, 2016

Little Kennie Ham Tolerant or Intolerant?

Little kennie has a fun post, but I think he confuses the idea of 'intolerance'.  Before getting into that, let me remind you that in my opinion kennie's idea of religious freedom is that he is free to believe as he wishes and he is also free to force you to believe as he wishes as well.  As I have said before, I disagree with kennie on that idea -- so it should come as no surprise that I disagree with him on this one as well.

Here is his 'Tolerance' post.  You can read it for yourself, but the bottom line is that, according to kennie, he's not intolerant when he argues against something like gay marriage, it's gay marriage proponents who are intolerant of his pseudo-bible-based opinions.  So . . . kennie wanting to take rights away from other people isn't intolerance, but anyone who wants to remove kennie's right to force other people to follow his narrow sort-of-religious viewpoint are guilty of not being tolerant?  See my point?  I think kennie's trying to play the victim card again.  "Oh woe is me because people don't want to follow what I say the Bible says!"

Seriously, look at this quote:

"Ultimately there are only two religions—that of God's Word and of man’s word."
Let us never forget that there are actually hundreds, if not thousands, of religions in the world and they do not agree on what constitutes 'God's Word', so what makes kennie's ramblings the ultimate authority . . . yea, I know, he has a book . . . but then don't most religions have a book?  Also don't some religions use the same book as kennie and yet come up with widely divergent proclamations about 'God's Word'?  I do love how he capitalized the 'G' and 'W', but left 'man's word' all lowercase. To kennie, everything is a binary set, either you agree with kennie or you are the enemy.

So, as you can see I disagree with little kennie.  Let me spell it out more clearly so even he might understand.  I am perfectly tolerant of your views, kennie, and by that I mean I have no issue with you holding those views.  However, that doesn't give you the right to force everyone else to follow your views as well.  If you oppose gay marriage, then don't marry someone of the same gender!  But you aren't happy leaving your belief set as a personal responsibility, you want to have the right to demand everyone follow your belief set.  I have said it before and I will continue saying it, you do not have the right to tell other people who they can and cannot marry!  That's not intolerance of your views, kennie, that what real tolerance is!  I tolerate your narrow religious viewpoint because the Constitution allows actual religious freedom, not just your definition of it.  But I refuse to allow you rights greater than everyone else just because you practice one particular strain of religion.

I see that going far beyond gay marriage.  If you don't support pro-choice then instead of telling people what they are 'supposed' to do, put it in personal practice and never take any actions that would require a woman to make such a choice.  You don't agree with using condoms to prevent disease and pregnancy, then don't use them, but do not dictate their use for other people . . ..  The list is endless!  I don't really care what your belief set is, but whatever it is, you do not have the right to impose it on others.  Waving a book in people's faces and telling them you are the only authority because only you know what the book says just . . . well makes you more laughable than anything else.  Little kennie ham, entertainer!

Yes, that's how I see it.  You [kennie] do not have the right to force your viewpoint onto other people!  That's not intolerance, as you like the claim.  You aren't the victim when I do my best to prevent you from forcing others to toe your particular line, the real victims are the other people that you are trying to attack.  They are your victims, they are the victims of your rhetoric of hate and intolerance . . . yes, intolerance.

It's not 'intolerance' to not allow a religious exemption from vaccinations since the un-vaccinated pose a health threat to us all.  It is not 'intolerance' to require a Kentucky county clerk to do her job.  It is not 'intolerance' to do everything in our power to not allow any form of religious discrimination to flourish in our society.  You, little kennie ham, support many things I disagree with -- but you have the right to support them.  But, once again, you do not have the right to force me to support them!

Yes, you might think I am the one being intolerant as you wave your highly self-edited version of the Bible around, but the reality is you are the one spreading hate and intolerance.  Freedom of Religion also means freedom from your particular brand of religion.  Intolerance would be not allowing you to belief as you wish.  It is not intolerance to prevent you from forcing it upon other people!

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