Thursday, October 22, 2015

Are Creationists running out of targets?

Just recently I posted

"At the end they take a swipe at a Disney movie coming out that features a young Charles Darwin.  I have to assume the movie will present Darwin in a positive light, which would annoy the DI to no end.  Since I don't expect historical accuracy from Disney movies, my expectations for such a movie would normally be pretty low, but if the DI wants to start whining about it months/years before it's released, I have to raise my expectations.  I mean anything that makes the DI act as if someone pissed in their cornflakes has got to have many redeeming features!" (I think the Discovery Institute has been enjoying Washington's new Marijuana Laws)
I thought it was pretty funny that the DI had to take potshots at Disney.  But then when their toothless attacks on Darwin and other real scientists haven't been too effective, a Disney movie might be more their speed.

Well the DI isn't alone with taking shots at Disney.  This time it's little kennie ham and he is complaining that another movie, this one is animated and called "The Good Dinosaur".  Since the premise, according to ham, is what might things have been like if the dinosaurs had not been wiped out 65,000,000 years ago.  He not only calls the extinction event a 'supposed asteroid impact', but he's trying to get his Hamians to sell folks on the idea that dinosaurs and man lived together.  I guess once again when your attempts to gum to death real science fail, you have to take targets of opportunity and a children's animated movie is more than likely right up little kennie's alley.


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