Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Defensiveness 101

A week ago the Discovery Institute announced yet another Stephen C. Meyer book, not just a book, but basically an apology for an earlier book.  350 pages rationalizing "Darwin's Doubt" from a couple of years ago, it's called "Debating Darwin's Doubt".  If you haven't heard about it, I posted about it in "That's it? An admission of failure?"

As of today, Amazon says the book has not yet been released.  Here is what Amazon displayed when I went and looked at the book:

So I have an interesting question.  Not only are there already seven reviews on Amazon, but little casey luskin posted an audio file where he discusses an exchange with Biologos "Debating Darwin's Doubt: Casey Luskin on Theistic Evolutionary Responses to Stephen Meyer" about the book.  Here is the description:

"Luskin discusses a series of exchanges with BioLogos, the prominent Christian theistic evolutionary group, exploring several key disagreements between ID proponents and theistic evolutionists over detection of design in nature and methodological naturalism."
So let me get this straight.  The DI has yet to release a book edited by Klinghoffer addressing issues of a book by Meyer that hasn't been released yet and one of the DI's lawyers is having a discussion exchange about it with Biologos and has an interview with another DI mouthpiece about it.

Does anything about this sound reasonable?  To me it sounds like the DI is already getting very defensive about it!  I expect there will be another book to detail the critiques of this one, and I bet it's edited by little casey.  I mean Meyer is supposedly the big gun, klingy is definitely second string (editor rather than a contributor), and casey is usually the the kid carrying the bag of footballs for the real players.  Remember his role during the Dover Trial, handing out pamphlets outside the courthouse.

Why can't the DI let the book see the light of day before have to start defending it?

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