Wednesday, August 10, 2011

And just where is the Discovery Institute?

My less than favorite place, the Discovery Institute is well known for rushing to the rescue when Creationists/Intelligent Design proponents when their livelihood is threatened by their association with the DI and its ideas. I mean David Coppedge, Gulliermo Gonzalaez, Richard Von Sternberg, Catherine Coker are all examples. Even when the evidence doesn't support them, the DI re-invents the past in order to paint their friends and fellows in the most positive light and as the victims of various forms of discrimination, particularly religious (even though we all know there is nothing religious (wink, wink) about ID).

Now according to a new Christian Post article "Jobs in Jeopardy for Christian Scholars Who Believe in Evolution" the DI should be rushing to the aid of:

  • Professor John Schneider who taught theology at Christian Reformed School Calvin College for 25 years until he was forced to resign after writing a paper that questioned the historical Adam.

  • Daniel Harlow, a religion professor at Calvin College, was investigated by the school after writing a paper with the same premise as Schneider's, proposing that there is no historical Adam.

  • Karl Giberson was a professor of physics at Eastern Nazarene College until he was dismissed due to his support of evolution. Giberson co-authored the book Language of Science and Faith
So where is the Discovery Institute? Why aren't they defending and writing opinion pieces about right to free speech and discrimination? Why aren't they spinning up stories and painting these professors are victims of intolerance? I know the answer is pretty self-evident, but I just felt the question needed to be asked.

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