Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Call for Blood Donors -- Worldwide

A new friend of mine, Alison Campbell posted a blog entry about donating blood. While I am way to far away to help in Christchurch, it reminded me that local blood supplies are finite and need constant replenishment. Here is my comment to Alison's post. I hope you take this opportunity to consider donating blood yourself. So here is a post in support of an important public service.

I echo Alison's comments on Blood Donations! While some who read this blog might be too far away to donate for Christchurch (like me), everyone that can donate should do so on a regular basis. I have been donating for years, from whole blood, which you can donate about every 8 weeks, to platelets, which you can donate every 7 days. It's an important activity that takes just a tiny bit of your time.

I don't know about NZ, but at my local Community Blood Center I get an email or a phone call when they have used my donation and while they don't give out patient names, they usually do tell me why the patient needed blood. Everything from cancer, leukemia, car accidents, and even fire victims. One day I walked in, they practically dragged me to the Aphresis machine (for plasma and/or platelet donation) because they had an immediate for a child that had been in an auto accident just that morning and I was the right match. You have no idea how that will make you feel! So, if you read this, please donate soon, and make donating a regular part of your year.


One final thought, one day you might need blood yourself. If places like the local Community Blood Center were to close because of a lack of participation, your chances of getting the blood you need when you need it diminish. I have given gallons of whole blood and plasma and many donations of platelets. My Ohio driver's license also identifies me as an organ donor as well. Look into your local area and see what needs they have. It's not a matter of if they need blood, the need is constant throughout the year. It's a tiny part of your day that could become very meaningful to someone else! Don't wait for an emergency, donate often, not because you have to, but because it's the right thing to do.


  1. Ted, I am delighted & honored to have you call me a friend!

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