Sunday, September 26, 2010

It is about time we got even!

Over the past number of years Great Britain has exported an extraordinary number of TV shows. We got "American Idol", "JunkYard Wars", "America's Got Talent", and "The Weakest Link" to name a few. Some of these shows worked out -- others made me question the sanity of our partners across the pond. Well now we get even! Not only are they importing "Law and Order" -- but they get our least impressive export as well -- Intelligent Design! I think "The Gong Show" would make more sense!

Yes, the poor island empire is opening its very own ID apologetics with a small office and a website. The Centre for Intelligent Design is opening in Glascow. Although it is not officially associated with the Discovery Institute, the DI is trumpeting it as some sort of victory. Of course any news that isn't immediately anti-ID is good news for those less-than-honest fellows over at the DI -- it represents a life-saver of hope at a time when they seem to be losing at every turn.

Luckily there is no intention of including ID in the school curriculum, as evidenced by a return letter to Prof. Thomas Blundell. I especially like the

"Creationism and Intelligent Design . . . do not form part of the National Curriculum Programmes of study"
Don't you? Anyone want to start a pool for when the first lawsuit happens?

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