Friday, July 16, 2010

Casey Duecy

Casey Luskin can be really confusing to many people, but after all he is a lawyer, so that may be part of the job description. To me he's not very confusing as long as you understand one thing -- if it is positive for ID, he supports it -- if it is anti-ID he does not, regardless of how foolish it makes him look.

I recently discussed casey's issue with double standards (Luskin's Double Standard). Personally I am against double standards, I think if your position is against certain behavior it should be against it no matter which side of the street someone is standing on. For example in a recent discussion someone was very surprised that I wasn't all up in arms about the plans for a mosque near Ground Zero. My point was that the people asking for this have as much right as ANYONE else in this country to ask it! Be it a mosque, a church, or a convenience store, they have the right to ask the question and go through the process as anyone else. To not allow them to ask because of what they are asking is a double standard! It doesn't mean I agree with placing a mosque at Ground Zero, but they have the right to ask for it and should not be harrassed or shouted down in the meetings/hearings.

I disagree with one of Fox News pundits, Bill O'Reilly -- the self-proclaimed "no spin zone". Now aside from my issues with pundits in general, O'Reilly in particular, I disagree with his whining about the behavior of the paparazzi. It's not that I agree with the tactics used by the paparazzi and other forms of ambush journalism -- but Billy himself uses the exact same tactic to ambush politicians. This is a double standard!

Now how does this apply to little casey -- again? It's simple. In a recent post about the Christine Comer case (Federal Appeals Court Rejects Chris Comer’s Lawsuit Alleging Discrimination Against Evolution) casey made the following statement:

"The moral of this story is this: Whether the case ultimately wins or loses in
court, don’t speak out publicly on a case until you know the facts."
In this case the ruling went against Comer and casey had his little pom-poms out. Here is my view of casey and his double standard. Are casey, and his buds over at the DI, going to wait for the facts in the Coppedge case before making public statements? Answer -- it's too late they have already made them and they are continuing to make them!,,,, are just a few. There are many more by just about everyone over at the DI who can beat their heads on a keyboard.

JPL has yet to say anything publicly, more than likely on the advice of their attorneys. But without an understanding of the facts of the case the DI has flooded the Internet with support for Coppedge! All they have to work with is Coppedge and his lawyers statements. In other words . . . Casey and his buds are guilty of a double standard. Why would that be the case?

Well go back to my original statement. If it's pro-ID casey supports it, it it's anti-ID casey does not -- regardless of how foolish it makes him look. Look at the cases. Comer was fired for forwarding an email about an anti-ID speaker -- supposedly the Texas Education Agency is supposed to remain neutral on the subject of Evolution and ID. Yet Coppedge was demoted for, what he claims, is his public support of ID in his workplace. One is potentially anti-ID, the other obviously pro-ID and it reveals casey's double standard -- it also reveals the hypocritical tactics over at the DI. Does it make him look foolish? Well I think it does, but you can make your own judgement.

I would to thank the Sensuous Curmudgeon for pointing this out in his post "Discovery Institute: Comer, Coppedge, & Casey". I look forward to being able to remind little casey of his double standard. But I will wait before rubbing his nose in it until, as casey himself advises, I know the facts!

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  1. I think you meant Casey douchey. And, if he thinks he knows what he's talking about why doesn't he go defend himself on Pandas Thumb? Unlike his place, the comments are open.