Monday, June 7, 2010

The DI at the center of another bulleye

Maybe I should have titled my last post "Discovery Institute Sh** or get off the Pot! But I was thinking about Intelligent Design more than just those silly purveyors of pseudo-science up in the Great Northwest. I have been reading an interesting critique of Stephen C. Meyer's "Signature in the Cell" by Steve Matheson over on his "Quintessence of Dust blog". Yesterday he posted an open letter to Meyer that I just had to point out. I especially loved:

"3. Your Discovery Institute is a horrific mistake, an epic intellectual tragedy that is degrading the minds of those who consume its products and bringing dishonor to you and to the church. It is for good reason that Casey Luskin is held in such extreme contempt by your movement's critics, and there's something truly sick about the pattern of attacks that your operatives launched in the weeks after the Biola event. It's clear that you have a cadre of attack dogs that do this work for you, and some of them seem unconstrained by standards of integrity. I can't state this strongly enough: the Discovery Institute is a dangerous cancer on the Christian intellect, both because of its unyielding commitment to dishonesty and because of its creepy mission to undermine science itself. I'd like to see you do better, but I have no such hope for your institute. It needs to be destroyed, and I will do what I can to bring that about."
Wow! Personally I think Meyer is too enmeshed in the chicanery at the DI to be able to separate himself. I honestly think anyone with any integrity has already departed that slowly sinking ship. But it will stay afloat as long as it gets funding from gullible Christians, but even gullible Christians have limits -- a lesson the DI will one day find out. In the meantime folks like Meyer will continue on their merry way and be remembered . . . how did Steve put it? Oh yea.
"It would be a shame if your only contribution was as a political propagandist who served as an impediment to the honest consideration of design and intelligence in biological origins and who was remembered as an enemy of science."

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