Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Spotlight shines on the Texas Governor (again)

As discussed before Don McLeroy is out of the Chairman of the Texas State Board of Education. A move applauded by many after the debacle he dragged the state through trying to impose his religious beliefs on the science curriculum. As we also mentioned the Great State of Texas needs to keep an eye out for McLeroy's replacement.

This editorial "Texas Governor is a dilemma over education board pick" pretty well lays out the problem. Governor Rick Perry has a limited pool of people to pick from, current board members. Because of the timing, the person will lead the Board for nearly two years before being confirmed in that position . . . ala McLeroy. While there are a number who would pretty much be a repeat of McLeroy's policies, the problem facing the Governor is pretty basic. To keep his supporters, the Christian right, he needs to appoint a McLeroy-clone. However Texas voters might not be sympathetic to such a move. I agree with the editorial's author in that he can't pick a Democrat, that would be link committing political suicide. That only leaves him with two other people, both Republicans, but not rabidly conservative. Of course he runs the risk of losing his supporters by appointing one of them.

So the dilemma seems to be three choices, pick a Democrat and lose everyone who previously supported him, pick a McLeroy-clone and lose the Texas voting public, or pick a less-conservative Republican and lose the support of the Christian right.

I am very glad people in Texas are keeping this issue in the spotlight! Tell the Governor who you would want to be the next Chairman to be. Check out for contact info to the Governor's office.

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