Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Morning funny

Non-Sequitur is a comic strip I read every day, well that and I also read Dilbert and xkcd. These three seem to hit me where I live. Dilbert for corporate office humor, xkcd tickles my geek side tremendously, and Non-Sequitur for political and social commentary.

Once in a while each of them have touched on the Evolution - Creationism political debate, and today's Non-Sequitur is one of those. Enjoy!


  1. Every since Doug Adams came out in defense of evolution-denialists*, I haven't been able to find Dilbert funny.

    *he didn't say he agreed with them, only that he appreciated their arguments, and was frustrated that the science advocates never engaged their arguments in good faith. And he split lots of hairs to make it clear that he thought the science-denialists were silly too, and he wasn't saying he agreed with the creationists. I will be clear, I disagree with Adams when he claims that science advocates don't argue with evolution-denialists in good faith.

  2. I still find Dilbert funny, just like I still enjoy the music of the Dixie Chicks. I don't agree with many of their opinions, but I have no issue with their talent. In fact I think Scott Adams has a mole in my office many weeks.