Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Expelled: and Quote Mining

Like most intelligent and educated people in the world, I have not bought a copy of little Bennie Stein's mockumentary "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed". I have seen it ad blogged about it here and here. I also briefly discussed an example of Quote Mining as part of the film here. However the producers and distributors went one better. Apparently they really think the American Public is completely stupid! Because now included with each DVD is a book, well it's been described as more like a pamphlet.

Here is a review of the little collection of quote-mines from the blog of Joshua Zelinsky. His blog is one I am adding to my lists. It's called Religion, Sets, and Politics 's blog on three things that you can't talk about in polite company. His post, called Expelled and Quote Mines is a terrific read. He dives into why people quote-mine and caught what might be a fallacy on my part. I always seem to assume a quote-miner is being dishonest, but I guess it is possible that they are just victims of poor reading comprehension . . . but I refuse to believe anything coming out of the Discovery Institute is accidental. Their quote-mining is too deliberate to be anything other than dishonesty.

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