Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Follow-up to "This Year in Intelligent Design" post

Recently I borrowed a post from another blog to fill you in on just how 'busy' those little beavers have been over a the Discovery Institute. In "This year in Intelligent Design" I noted the dearth of papers published supporting ID. Well someone else took exception and pointed out 4 papers published by the Biologic Institute, and here is something interesting on them in "The Biologic Institute, Bill Dembski, and ID Research". Apparently the Biologic Institute did manage to publish 4 papers, count em, FOUR papers and not only do they offer nothing in the way of support for Intelligent Design, one of them specifically points out there no evidence for design was found, nor could be inferred by the empirical evidence.

Not sure if you remember the Biologic Institute. It's a private lab, set-up about 4 years ago and funding by the Discovery Institute for the express purpose of proving Intelligent Design. Oh, yea, you have to whisper its purpose because the link between the Biologic Institute and the DI is some well kept secret. in fact the original director was fired after too closely associating the BI with the DI. Well it's all pure BS to me. I guess the DI wants the connection to fade from people's minds so when they unveil their breathtaking theory of Intelligent Design, everyone will forget who's paying the freight.

But since none of the four papers provided any support for ID, I guess maybe the DI is late in paying the bills? I'm sure the DI will respond to any criticism of the BI in their typical knee-jerk fashion, which is always entertaining -- in my opinion usually factually deficient, but entertaining.

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