Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Evolution of Language Parallels Evolution of Species

Support for biological evolution comes from the most interesting places. Here is a Wired article that discusses the evolution of language and how it parallels many of the processes defined in the biological theory of evolution. Interesting read, thought you would like it. "Evolution of Language Parallels Evolution of Species"

I guess this shouldn't be a surprise to me, and I bet it's not a surprise to most biologists. Teaming and community seem to be part of what makes us human. In fact our ability to work together woulds certainly impact survival needs as an individual and as a group. We readily identify with people we deem like ourselves and make all sort s of lines around who we are. Familial, nationalistic, church, work, cultural, and gender , to name a few. Just look at the recent Super Bowl and how fans relate to a certain team. This type of community requires communication! So communication is something that has also changed over time! Shouldn't be surprised that there are processes involved!

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