Friday, September 4, 2015

Someone needs to tell Ken Ham that Religious Freedom is not a license to Discriminate

I guess I will try, but I doubt he's listening.  He's all about discrimination!  Didn't he once blame discrimination on Evolution?  I'll have to find the reference, but I recall kennie blogging something about witnessing discrimination in the 70's and feeling horrified, of course he never mentioned anything about it until recently when he jumped on the DI bandwagon and started blaming discrimination on Darwin.  But now we all know, religion is the cause of discrimination.

Little kennie ham just had to weigh in on the Kentucky clerk situation, what a shock.  I'm not going to link to it, mainly because do you really need to read it?  You know what he's going to say.  I haven't read it yet, but I did see the title "Another Religious Freedom Case in Kentucky".  Is this case really about religious freedom?  In a way, but I doubt in the way kennie treats it.

Historically, kennie has been trying to sell the idea that the whole world is turning against Christians and any time anyone says anything negative, it's an attack on Christianity.  I have several issues with that.  First of all, kennie and his minions [not the cute yellow ones] do not represent Christianity.  They are a small, but vocal, sect of Evangelical Christians that I prefer to call 'Hamians', mainly because they certainly do not reflect Christianity in much else but name.  Another issue is with his idea of religious freedom, and I have said this several times, in my opinion he defines religious freedom as:

"The freedom for me [kennie] to believe as I wish and the freedom to make you believe as I wish as well."
That, to me, is not religious freedom.  I have been to the Creation Museum, I have been on AiG's site for years.  I have laughed hilariously as Kentucky finally wised up to what kennie has been up to with his discriminatory hiring practices for the Ark Park.  Everything he does is designed to force the rest of the world to his viewpoint, whether we want to or not makes little difference to him.

I am sure you know about the Kentucky clerk, Kim Davis, who refused to give marriage licenses to gay couples because it was against her religion -- she refused up and just today went to jail.  She also ordered the other clerks not to do it because it was against HER religion, obviously their religion beliefs do not matter to her.  She was not jailed for her religious beliefs, but for contempt of court for her refusal to do her job as ordered.  You can find many links to this all over news sites.

You can probably guess my take on it.  She was voted into office to be the clerk, she was not voted into office to practice her religion.  It is illegal for her to use her religion as a reason to discriminate.  The clerkship is an office, not a person.  She has no right to discriminate!  She isn't issuing marriage licenses for herself, but for the county.  She should have resigned her position -- that would have made this a matter of principle -- and while I would still disagree with her and her principles, I would at least respect her.  As it is, I don't think she deserves any respect, and whoever is giving her legal advice even less.  But I bet kennie just loves her, I wonder how many times she'll be speaking at his 'museum' once she's released.

Actually kennie didn't have much to say, but he did try and sneak something in, did you catch it?  It's right in the title:  "Another . . .", what does he mean by 'another'.  What he did at the end of his little commentary was put a plug . . . oh here, you read it, I added the underlining:
"I also encourage you to learn more about a religious liberty case involving AiG and our Ark project that we have filed against the state of Kentucky."
Yes, supposedly kennie and his crack legal team are suing the State of Kentucky to get the state sales tax exemption back after Kentucky pulled it following the notice of his discriminatory hiring practices.  I've posted about it here, here, and also here.  In a nutshell, kennie had some help from Kentucky after promising to follow state hiring practices because the ark park wasn't a non-profit ministry.  Then after posting job openings that were discriminatory, blatantly discriminatory, the state pulled their support.  Little kennie is claiming the state is discriminating against him and wants his exemptions back.

You know, now that I see both issues side-by-side so to speak, I can see the parallels, no wonder kennie loves the clerk.  She discriminates and when held accountable, claims her religion as her shield.  He did exactly the same thing!  She took an oath to perform her duties, and kennie promised abide by state hiring practices.  She went to jail and kennie went . . . well . . . to a lawyers office to sue.  OK, the parallels only go so far, but it is interesting.

It will be 'fun' when he comes back from inflicting his point on view on Northern Ireland and hear what he says about her being in jail.  My only question is will he put her up for sainthood or martyrdom?  I do predict kennie will make an analogy of Jesus on the cross and the clerk in her jail cell.  Only time will tell.

Here is an interesting editorial cartoon:

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