Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Every time a bigoted 'Christian' opens their mouth, another Atheist is created!

In a recent post (Paul Nelson on Will Provine) I said the following:

"I have found Christians, as a group, to be remarkably close-minded, many quite intolerant, and still others as absolutely hateful."  
I am sure some Christians who read it disagreed with me, as is your right to do so.  But I wouldn't be too proud yet.  Take a look: "Shannon and Carmen Wampler-Collins apply for marriage license in Rowan County" and listen to the  . . . bigots  . . . in the background.  I can't even say what's running through my mind right now, it's making me sick!

I saw a picture of what was purported to be a sign outside of a church, I can't find the image again, but I remember the words:
"If you think your religion allows you to discriminate, you are doing it wrong!"  
These bigoted morons better hope they lose Pascal's Wager, because if they win, they are up hell's creek without a paddle! 

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