Monday, July 11, 2011

Doonesbury does it again

Sunday's Doonesbury was amazing! I have no idea how long this link will be good, so check it out quick:
This isn't their first foray in support of science, I recall one before my blog that dealt with a doctor and patient and whether or not the patient was a Creationist. The issue at hand was whether or not the patient wanted the old, now ineffective antibiotics or the new ones that were designed intelligently. It was good, but this one was even better.

Poor Louisiana. It's a telling point for the students in Louisiana who expect a good education, to get into a good college, and possibly even a career in something other than Theology! I've blogged about them many times. Hopefully sanity will break out eventually.

It's not like the politicians really care, they will pander to anyone who brings vote. The people of Louisiana are the ones who get to live with the result. They will have another opportunity to repair the damage in the next round of elections. Wish them luck folks!

Follow-up: Today everywhere I went I ran into this comic strip. It's been a blast. I need to check out the DI and see it they have addressed it yet. If so, I'll post another follow-up.


  1. And I'd like to see a comic strip panel of this:

    "Kids, welcome to Biology 101. We're gonna learn lots of fun things in this class. We're gonna learn how...we're gonna cut up frogs, and we're gonna pick flowers, and we're gonna learn about pistils and stamens and all kinds of fun things, but the first thing you need to know, boys and girls, above all else, is that 'You are an accident!'. You have absolutely no reason for being here! There is no meaning, no purpose to your life! You're nothing but a meaningless conglomeration of molecules that came together purely by chance billions and billions of years ago! All the dust and the gas and the galaxy floated around for who knows how long, and they bumped into each other and they said, 'I know. Let's be organic!' So they became organic. And they became little, little gooey, slimey things, you know, swimming around in the primordial soup, and they finally grew little feet, and they crawled up on the land, and they grew fur and feathers and became higher forms of life, and finally became, you know, a monkey, then the monkey developed into an ape, then the ape decided to shave, so he shaved, and became what you are today! It's, you know, from goo to you by way of the zoo! As such we really don't have any reason for being here. Your existence is pointless. The universe won't mind a bit when you die. And when you die, you just become so much compost [Riiiiiing!] Oh, okay, class dismissed. Head on down the hall now, kids, down to that new class we're starting this week on self-esteem!" --an excerpt from "What We Believe", a presentation Frank Peretti gave at the Steeling the Mind of America conference (Vale, Colorado, 1997.)

    PS. Programmers utilize complex codes to create software. The genetic code, which is more sophisticated, controls the physical processes of life and is accompanied by elaborate transmission and duplication systems.

    How does evolution, using natural processes and chance, solve the problem of complex information sequencing without intelligence?

  2. Anon, there is one difference between your imagined comic and Doonsebury's. You make mistatements in yours. Evolution does not claim that people are the result of accidents, it also makes no pretense at addressing why someone might be here, or their purpose in life. This is YOUR characterization of evolution, so your comic would be based on a lie.

    Where did Doonsebury lie? Haven't you been following the happenings in Louisiana where the State appears to have passed on their elected ability and put the Louisiana Family Forum in charge of determining education policy? I think the comic bring home the message quite well.

    You would be better served by learning what evolution really is. Your mis-characterization tells much more about you -- and it's not very pretty.