Monday, July 18, 2011

And AiG responds to Doonesbury

And as usual misses the point. There response is typically knee-jerk-ish stuff.

It's pretty funny. First he alludes to 'misinformation'. I'm trying to see what did Doonsebury say that is mis-informative. I mean the comic correctly identified that Louisiana enabled the teaching of Creationism along with Evolution -- even though the law passed specifically prohibits it, the enforcement rules were written by the Louisiana Family Forum which made sure there were no teeth in that part of enforcement.

No, he's complaining that the comic strip claimed that Creationism is supported by no scientific evidence what-so-ever. There is nothing erroneous about that statement. No one, not even little kennie himself has managed to cobble up actual scientific evidence of Creationism. Oh he tells nice stories, but stories do not make it evidence.

He also whines that Noah wouldn't have taken any microbes, since he only too air-breathing animals. Kennie also says the comic teacher lied about Noah missing the Dinosaurs, which we all know kennie claims existed at the same time as early humans and were present on the ark. Neither of which is supported by any evidence.

Here are the two paragraphs that just kill me:

Evidence is interpreted through an observer’s worldview. The ability to weave a nice story from visible evidence does not make that story true. The fairy tale of evolution lacks testable scientific evidence to support its contentions that organisms acquired genetic information to become new kinds of organisms by accumulating information-losing mutations over millions of years. Such an idea makes as much sense as expecting a business which loses money on every sale to profit by making up the loss in volume!

The assertion that the “alternative theory” offered by creationists is “supported by no scientific evidence whatsoever” is false. The biblical account of Creation and the global Flood explains genetics, the fossil record, and the results of sin’s curse on this world. What we see in today’s world is consistent with what we read in God’s Word.

I bolded the two lines that cracked me up. It's called Projection. Little kennie is accusing the rest of the world of fabricating a nice story -- yet when the evidence is examined, who is the one really inventing a story? Little kennie and his pet 'Creation' scientists.

In my opinion kennie is the one who lies. In his statement "evolutionary ideas as indisputable facts is indoctrination". What statement in the comic strip alludes to evolution being an indisputable fact? There isn't one!

All kennie has to do is present some scientific evidence that actually disputes evolution and he might have a point -- but to-date all he does is tell stories, he lies about what science is, and the mis-represent what others -- in this case a very funny and telling comic strip -- actually wrote in order to market his unsupported ideas to the world. It would be funnier if it weren't so pathetic.

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