Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Water cures Radiation Sickness, who knew?

OK, I rarely discuss anything other than Evolution, but I usually try and couch my terms as pro or anti science. For example supporting evolution in education is pro science and anything that comes out of the Discovery Institute is anti-science -- pretty simple. So while this isn't my normal fare, it really pissed me off.

Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer himself, pointed this out and it just makes me sick. Apparently the group 'Homeopathy Plus' in Australia has sent out a note telling people they can use homeopathic 'remedies' to alleviate radiation sickness, including such things as strontium-carbonicum, phosphorus, and X-rays. Here is the link to Phil's original article "Diluting nuclear homeopathy". I refuse to post the link to this group directly. I just can't do it. They are trying to cash in on potential disaster! This isn't a 'cure' for a cold, or an acne relief -- this is a potential disaster on a scale never before seen -- and this group is using it to sell phony 'cures'. have they no shame! Homeopathy alleviating radiation sickness -- really?

Normally I really believe in 'Let the buyer beware'. I mean there have been junk like this for years. But this should be criminal! I would love to believe no one will fall for it, but I know some people will. What I have been hoping that the disaster that may loom does not occur for many reasons, this post from Phil gave me a new -- I hope it doesn't happen because of the number of people this Homeopathy crap can hurt.

Phil did make a claim that many of these folks believe in what they do. Fine, they can believe what they wish to believe. But this is not something that you can't tell from a placebo affect. This isn't something that can be dismissed if it doesn't work. This is potentially life-threatening!

In my opinion homeopathy is nothing more than modern snake-oil salesmanship and organizations pushing in the light of this potential disaster should be outlawed BEFORE they can hurt anyone. Yes, here in the US it might sound like I am considering a violation of the law to hold that opinion -- but since when are our laws a suicide pact?

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