Thursday, March 31, 2011

Topix Evolution Forum MIA?

I am hoping it some sort of technical issues, because while the rest of Topix seems to be working just fine, the Evolution forum seems to have disappeared. All I get is:

"The Topix page you requested was not found"
when I go to it or any of the over 5,500 posts I have made there. Like I said I am hoping for technical difficulties rather than political issues. I hadn't heard of any complaints over it -- well other than Creationist whinings when someone doesn't swallow their BS whole. but then you hear that in many more places than Topix. That's when it hit me, I have made over 5,500 posts on Topix and I would hazard a guess that over 99% of them are in the Evolution Forum. It's an interesting place, you might want to wander over when it comes back online! UPDATE: It came back up about 6 hours later. No reason mentioned, the posts all seem there. It was just interesting for a few.

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