Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lastest Eye update

Saw the eye doc for a scheduled follow-up and things are great! While I need to wear glasses to protect the eye, they are not helping my vision, in fact with my old prescription on, I have trouble seeing. So I am wearing cheaters to help reading small print and non-prescription sunglasses when outdoors.

According to the Doc I could pass my driving eye test right now without glasses! Yea! It's healing up fine and I am scheduled for my right eye on April 15. I can't wait!

A couple of folks have emailed me, mentioning a concern about cataracts surgery. I even spent an hour on the phone talking to my nephew's mother-in-law who is having it done and has some apprehensions. All I can say is that when cataracts comes on so quickly, in less than a year for me, the surgery is well worth it!

One thing that did surprise me is how many folks I know had no idea what cataracts are. In a nutshell the lens of your eye, the one inside behind the pupil, becomes spotty and then cloudy. It happens slowly for most. A parallel way to look at it. Imagine trying to drive while your front window has a thin layer of frost. Oh you can see through it, but everything it fuzzy and washed out. That pretty well is how I was looking at things. But even with how quickly it came on me, I still wasn't aware of just how bad my sight had gotten.

As I have said before, this is a perfect, and very personal, example of the value of science and science education!

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