Saturday, May 27, 2017

State Sponsored Discrimination

I don't know about you, but I dislike discrimination in general.  The laws banning many types of discrimination have mostly done a lot of good things.  Yes, I know you can find examples of some of those laws . . . or more likely the application of those laws . . . didn't help, but by and large anti-discrimination laws have positive results.

As you might know from reading this blog, I particularly dislike religious discrimination, mainly for one simply reason.  There is absolutely nothing that makes one religion any better than another, so the idea of discriminating based on a religious difference seems even more ludicrous than most forms of discrimination.   While I disagree with religious discrimination coming from private groups . . . I disagree with it even more when the State funds it.

Yes, Texas is on the verge of passing a bill (it's in front of their Governor now) that will allow religious groups that are paid by the State to place children for foster care/adoption to not only discriminate based on their religion, but are immune from prosecution when they do so.  How utterly ridiculous!  How many children are going to be denied homes?  How many parents will be denied an opportunity to foster or adopt because they are gay, atheist, or hold a different religious tradition from the adoption agent?  And it will be wholly, or partially, funded by the citizens of Texas.

This is not a protection of someone's religious liberty, it is a license to discriminate and not just at the expense of children and potential parents, but at the expense of every taxpayer in Texas.  Let me remind you:

I think we need to add a new line onto this graphic:
You Religious Liberties are being violated when you are denied an opportunity to foster, or adopt, a child based on your religious beliefs.
Your Religious Liberties are NOT being violated when people who do not share your religious belief are free to foster, or adopt, children.
I have spent a lot of time in the Great State of Texas, but . . . Come on, People!  Do you really want to pay for State-Sponsored Discrimination?

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