Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Little Kennie Ham is Disappointed! Yeah!

I am a Whovian, I've enjoyed the show through its constant evolution of main characters.  Just last year I got to meet David Tennant and Billie Piper at a Comic Convention in St. Louis.  Even saying that I have to admit  I haven't been too impressed with the current Doctor, but I am still a fan of the show.

Before getting into little kennie's problem, I do want to address something related and something that I think put's little kennie's issues in perspective.  The Doctor is an alien and while there has been a little romantic tension between at least one doctor and companion, there hasn't been any romantic entanglements.  In fact several of his companions have been involved with others.  The relationship between the Doctor and the companions has been nearly always familial, more brother/sisterly than romantic.  So why is that important?  Well, as reported by the Christian Post little kennie isn't a fan of the show any more because one of the main characters is gay.

So how do I know little kennie is disappointed in Doctor Who?  Take a look at his own words -- which seem very discouraging:
"While it is sad -- but not surprising from the world -- this reminds me that we need to teach our kids not to be in love with the world, because we will be disappointed at some point."
What a thing to say, especially to kids.  What this tells me is the world changes, and you have to learn to deal with the changes -- obviously kennie can't handle change.  You can't hide your head in the sand, or stuck in the pages of a book written a long time ago.  How limited his world view is, no wonder he's incapable of love in the world -- a world he claims his version of a deity created! 

I really think this is also very  hypocritical of little kennie.  Doctor Who has featured:
  • A time-traveling alien with two hearts and who knows what other physical differences.
  • Traveling in a device often exceeds kennie's idea of a 6,000 year old Earth.
  • Discusses concepts like evolution.
  • Having a child through cloning.
  • Santa Claus
  • Homosexuality and Bisexuality, anyone else remember Captain Jack Harkness?
Why this sudden change?  After all the  . . . from little kennie's point of view, . . . objectionable things Doctor Who has presented, why now?  It is just because it's a main character?  No, I think it's simpler than that.  I think he's bleating now because the idea of a main character being gay is getting press, and we know how little kennie likes attention.  That's why I see him as more than a little hypocritical.

This isn't the first time kennie has had various things to say about gay people.  Recently he was also whining about a movie that portrayed a gay character in a very matter-of-fact way.  I mean how dare Hollywood see a gay character as in any way . . . normal.  Here is what he said about that:
The directors and actor are using an aspect of their film for good by showing that those with autism are just regular people and can do amazing things, but sadly they are also using their film in a negative way—to promote sinful behavior as acceptable, which undermines the entire movie. (Power Rangers Movie: It’s OK to Be That Way)
I haven't seen Power Rangers, for me,

 it's a wait until cable movie.  But this past weekend my wife, both daughters, and my granddaughter saw it.  Not only did they enjoy it, but they made absolutely no mention of any gay characters -- which tells me two things.  That it was portrayed as being nothing special and that is exactly what pissed kennie off.  What I find funny is that he sorta dropped a couple of Bible Quotes:
"Treating everyone, regardless of differences, with dignity and respect actually stems out of a biblical worldview. Because all human beings are made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27), everyone has inherent worth and value. We are all “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14)."
He used those quotes when discussing how an autistic character is portrayed, but apparently if you are gay, you have no inherent worth and value!  He goes on and rationalizes it because he considers homosexuality 'sinful'.  But do all Christian sects view homosexuality that way?  Not at all!  I do recall knowing many gay Christians.  I bet that aggravates kennie even more!  Do you see why I no longer refer to kennie as a Christian, and I refer to him and his cult members as 'hamians'.  They don't worship the ideas of Christianity, he worships his interpretation of a book.  This does lead me to have to ask just how are gay characters supposed to be portrayed?

Little kennie, and his hamians, do not like gay people, that's pretty obvious.  Oh they might say things like 'gay people are fine, as long as they don't behave in a sinful way'.  To me that is just a rationalization, declaring the act sinful and expecting gay folks not to act is an excuse.  But the reality is they don't like them, they won't hire them, they don't even want them in their ministry.  But . . . gay people exist in the real world, so how should they be portrayed?  Since not everyone, nor every religion, holds homosexuality in the same way little kennie does, gay people will continue to exist, much to his displeasure.  So we have two choices, either they are never portrayed in film or television or they are portrayed as . . . something else?  I'm having a problem here figuring out how kennie would like to see them portrayed, or maybe 'expect to see them portrayed' is a better way to put it. Since a realistic portrayal of gays isn't allowed, I would hate to see what portrayal he would approve.

In my opinion they should be portrayed as . . . people . . . after all, aren't they?  Gay folks are in this world and will continue to exist, so should they be represented in our entertainment media?  How about exactly how they live in the real world, just like everyone else.  Folks like kennie not only do not want them to exist, but don't even want anyone to even know they exist.  How realistic is that?

Gay folks aren't the only targets for the little, narrow-minded, hypocritical kennie.  Check out this announcement:
"Join us for the World Religions Conference July 24-27 and please share this with friends and family members who might be interested.More than ever, Christians need to know what other religions believe and then learn how to reach the lost souls mired in them." (World Religion Conference)
Don't you just love the last line?  Not even an effort at co-existing, or recognizing the many ways people believe in one deity or another might be just as valid as his way.  No, he and his ilk call them 'lost souls'.  But it gets worse . . . kennie appears to be hosting this 'conference'.  It's not obvious at first glance, but the contact number is the same and the website is one of AiG's. .  Here look at this:
Here's the link
Is he really asking for people of other religions to come to Kentucky and sit there politely while he tells them how mistaken they are and do his utmost to save their 'lost souls'?  Let us not forget, he's also asking them to pay for the privilege.  As one of my neighbors would say 'That takes chutzpah!'  

 If you've been reading my posts you know how I feel.  If you don't like the idea of homosexuality, don't be homosexual.  If you disagree with a religion, don't become a member of that religion.  If you think abortion is wrong, then never do anything that would lead to an abortion.  But you do not have the right to tell everyone else how they are supposed to live.  Your religious beliefs, or non-beliefs, are your own.  Don't ask me to support them and certainly don't demand that they be taught in schools.  Little kennie ham and his hamians are incredibly close-minded, as evidenced by his own words!

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