Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Jesus and Mo "Whatever Happened to Freedom of Religion

Timely strip from Jesus and Mo:

Remind you of anybody?  Or even a few groups!


  1. Thank you for posting this one. I follow Jesus and Mo and have done for years now. Always a good read each week.
    I don't post comments to blogs very often, but I do check yours regularly and enjoy your work here.
    For what it's worth, probably not much (inflation, etc.) no doubt lil' kennie hambo would love to see the return of those "good old days" that J & M are talking about in this cartoon.
    Thanks for your great work on this blog.

  2. Thanks David,
    I'm sure little kennie would love to go back to that 'old-time-religion', but what I would love to see is kennie trying to make his case with the Desists who framed the Constitution. The religious beliefs from that time period would have little kennie screaming "Heretics and Blasphemers pretty quickly.