Monday, September 27, 2010

Modesto rather than Livingston?

Modesto CA rather than Livingston Parish LA might be a site of the next Dover trial lawsuit. This article doesn't say much "Modesto Science Teacher's plan to teach Intelligent Design" Apparently the teacher in question, Mark Ferrante, hasn't said anything other than he plans to teach it. His school board has said that

"He will not be teaching intelligent design. He has been instructed to teach the
state standards and intelligent design is not in the state standards," Modesto City Schools spokeswoman Emily Lawrence said last week.

I am going to make two predictions -- First that after drawing such attention to himself and his plans he will not actually attempt to teach it, but just mention it in class. That he might get away with -- without threatening his job. My second prediction is that shortly the Discovery Institute will have a press release on the big bad bullies of science and science education are trying to silence this brave teacher who is just trying to do right by his students. Oh I bet I have the words wrong, but not the content.

Any takers?

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