Saturday, May 1, 2010

kennie ham's answer to biodiversity

I keep meaning to get through my pics form the Creation 'museum', but it seems I am destined to go through them pretty piecemeal. So here is a couple that explain, to use the word very loosely, how animals and plants became so diverse. Of course there are a number of scientific theories including Evolution, biogeography, Natural Selection. Little kennie ham, the purveyor of nothingness in Northern Kentucky has his own spin -- Rafting. Here is a couple of pics to explain:

I do love the scientific sounding title "Biogeographical Rafting model".

Pretty 'amazing' stuff right? All the marsupials that live down under caught 'rafts' heading for home. Of course these rafts must have been fully equipped with appropriate food sources and fresh water. Hmmm so since this was AFTER Adam had sinned and let into the world carnivores, among other things. Those must have been some interesting 'rafts'!

In case you haven't had the chance to get see kennie's little nothingness. Adam sinning brought forth everything bad in the world including non-vegetarian animals, death, aging, and weeds.

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