Thursday, March 4, 2010

Old Enemies new Battles

The Creationist crowd seems to be trying to take on other subjects. According to the NY Times "Darwin Foes add Warming to Targets". I don't think many of the supporters of anti-evolution marketing really have a clue about Climate Change, if they did they might simply ask themselves about the Northwest Passage, you know the link from the Atlantic to the Pacific by way of Northern Canada?

Well anyway, I think evolution foes are simply trying to smokescreen their issue by trying to tie in anything that smacks of controversy, sort of a 'halo effect' logical fallacy. I mean if science might be wrong about one thing, Evolution must be wrong too. right? I am not getting into whether or not Climate Change is a reality. I believe it is and I believe the evidence is incontrovertible, but the bottom line here is so what? I mean so what if we someday prove that Climate Change isn't happening or that it isn't being effected by human activities. Does that have anything to do with the validity of Evolution? No, not at all!

As for the Northwest Passage, you might take a look at this article. People have been looking for it for centuries and Climate Change has opened it up. Sure makes you think!

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