Monday, September 14, 2009

More on Neurotic America

Talk about running scared! Evangelicals, particularly Biblical Literalists and Intelligent Design proponents have been unsuccessfully claiming that Science is afraid to allow an opposing viewpoint. Yet who is really scared?

Remember little bennie stein's abortion "Expelled:"? Well that seemed to have no trouble being distributed -- even though it wasn't much of a documentary or had much truth in with it's very parochial message. Yet another movie, one on a small portion of the life of Charles Darwin is having trouble finding a USA distributor because Darwin is 'controversial'. What a bunch of BS. It's the conservatives who fawned over bennie stein that are afraid of opposing views.

The movie, a drama not a documentary, is called "Creation" starring Paul Bettany and his real-life wife Jennifer Connelly. These are two amazing actors! I think I really enjoyed Bettany's take on Chaucer in "Knight's Tale" and as Silas in "The DaVinci Code" he was chilling. I have loved Jennifer Connelly since her turn in "A Beautiful Mind" and Kathy in "A House of Sand and Fog". I could have lived without seeing her in "Hulk" but even actors have to work. When I heard they were teaming up for this movie I was excited. Now I learn I may have to wait for the DVD because movie distributors are running scared of the conservatives which haven't much of a clue about reality anyway.

Eugenie Scott and the staff at the NCSE got to see it and her review is here on Panda's Thumb. I liked her points about the difference between a drama and a documentary, something bennie stein should note as well, but he never will. I can see why they are running scared. Anything that tells the truth about Charles Darwin would put a wrench into their tactics of proclaiming him a racist and Nazi. Since their tactic is just that, a tactic with no truth or facts to support it. I can see why they would be afraid.

Funny how the one side that CLAIMS the other is fearful tends to be the one the most afraid. Some serious projection going on.

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  1. I don't buy that conservatives have that much sway. After all, Dogma and Religulous were shown. I would think the distributors are more afraid of not making any money. I hear the film is curiously lacking in explosions.