Monday, March 23, 2009

Follow up on "Why Science Works!"

The conference is over and while there hasn't been a lot of news released on it, John Lynch, ASU, and blogger extraordinaire (Stranger Fruit) was kind enough to mention that he not only attended, but he gave a presentation on why he felt that evolution was not an unchallengeable orthodoxy and why creationist claims about being stifled or expelled do not hold up when examined in light of scientific practice and the history of science. The list of attendee is quite interesting, representatives from science, philosophy, law, even the British House of Lords was here. Take a gander at the confirmed attendee list. Would have been interesting to attend.

Funny how the DI hasn't yet posted anything about it. Could it be they are too busy whining about not getting an invite to the Vatican to play with the big boys and discuss evolution? Looks like Ben Stein didn't get invited either, I bet the rest of the participants breathed a sigh of relief that it would enable them to get some work done and not listen to unsupported allegations!

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