Monday, December 1, 2008

Site meter

Having a little unanticipated fun with the Bog. I just registered on sitemeter and now a few stats are kept on who is reading the blog. I saw Total Drek, one of the blogs I read regularly, did it, so I gave it a try. Wow!

OK, I was feeling a little like a quiet voice in the forest because while I was getting the occasional email about a particular post, most of the posted comments were few and far between. I know I started the blog more to give myself a place to clarify my own thinking than anything else, but I did so like the occasional comment, knowing that some folks were actually reading my posts. I was also using it to test-the-waters of the Blogsphere, so to speak.

But linking to sitemeter changed that. I have been hit from as far away as New Zealand and Pakistan and as near as Michigan and Indiana. While folks aren't commenting, they are certainly reading. I also notice a spike whenever I do post a new article. It's great knowing there is an audience and while I am not after applause (comments in this form) it is terrific knowing that people are reading it.

So today I resolved to change my own behavior. I plan on commenting more on the blogs I read. I figure if I was enjoying the comments, others might as well. I really should have been commenting more all along, but hadn't given it much thought. I also encourage you all to read and comment as well!

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