Thursday, February 7, 2008

Intelligent Design is NOT Science

After first hearing about Intelligent Design, I never thought it was science. A conservative Federal Judge, one appointed by GW Bush, ruled Intelligent Design was not science. Every major science organization in the US doesn't believe it to be science. Now the International Society for Science and Religion (ISSR), in Cambridge UK, also doesn't believe it to be science. They go even further and say it's also bad religion!

Read this article for yourself, and it contains a link to their actual statement: "Leading science and theology scholars reject 'intelligent design' " I have to quote the article here : "The concept of intelligent design is, says the report, “neither sound science nor good theology.” The authors do not attempt to specify precisely how they believe the religious believer can speak of God’s action as creator – a question on which they may differ among themselves. They are united, however, in resisting what they call “the insistence of intelligent-design advocates that their enterprise be taken as genuine science . . ."

No matter how you approach it, the narrow idea of Intelligent Design is meeting resistance at every turn. It's not science, it's not even good religion -- so what exactly is it? It is an idea with tons of marketing muscle that appears to be failing. I can't wait to see the next metamorphosis -- I mean Creationism gave way to Creation Science which gave way to Intelligent Design -- which is not getting the traction the Discovery Institute wanted, so what's next? "Intelligent Creationism" or "Design Ideology"? I know "Design for Dummies" -- although that one might be copyrighted. How about calling it "Darwinistic Design"? Maybe you can fool a few more people by claiming it was Darwin's idea the whole time. Just never mention that the Darwin in this wasn't Charles and you will be legally covered. Surprised at my tone, well you are the expert in word games, I just like exposing them!

My other suggestion, one I have made before, is drop the marketing and do your leg work in the lab first. Don't start with your answer and bend some of the evidence to support it, but actually do the science! Who knows, you might learn something. But at least you will stop annoying state and local school boards and have them using resources better spent on actual education.

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